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You Jump, I Jump

Ok part 2 of RevUp party few months ago. Aznil on stage now talking about all the RevUp entry videos. Met some colleagues there. Wah suddenly these guys appeared and I was victim lol Met Dina too! Sup DJ. The winner of the RevUp contest.. WeiXiong! woot! … and lastly… a shot with me and […]

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I kissed a Powerpuff Girl

Few months back I was at the Revive RevUp Party At Euphoria. Before the party, we all had dinner together at Papa Johns JoshLim belanja wor.. so good. lol We occupied the super long table that night. After dinner we all proceeded to Euphoria… mat up with Belinda and husband before entering. Performances had already […]

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StanChart KL Marathon 2010

Took part in the KL Marathon this morning at Dataran Merdeka and this also marks my 1 year in running in Marathons. I started with KL Marathon 2009 which you can read here. All these photos and video were taken using my X6. This is just a summary post. MORE PHOTOS IN OCTOBER Ok So […]

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Kpop Group BEAST Live In Malaysia

WOOT! Just came back from KL LIVE for Korean pop group BEAST showcase. It was my first time hearing their songs.. seeing their MVs and I only got to know who there are few days ago. lol All I have to say now is that their songs are quite good and very addictive. Here are […]

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Wanna own a Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear?

Remember my post on Toy Story 3 few days ago? Did I mention that it’s the best movie I’ve watched this year? Hehe it really is. Feels like watching it for the 2nd time. Whos with me? 😀 The movie has a great combination of elements like friendship, courage, family a touch of humor and […]

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