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Cendol, Chihuahua & Cows

POPCRAP 1 Had this awesome cendol by the roadside at Bukit Jalil Esplanade last week. Recommended yo! To find out exact location, check out my Foodspotting page. POPCRAP 2 Saw someone selling this palm sized Chihuahua few days ago. Damn cute! POPCRAP 3 I got surrounded by cows 2 days ago in the middle of […]

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Relay For Life!

Back in May, I joined the Relay for Life event organised by National Cancer Society Malaysia at MSN field in Bukit Jalil. It’s a 16 hours relay.. from evening til the next morning. Photos below were all taken using my Nokia X6. When I arrived, ppl were already making their rounds.. I then went to […]

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The Mission in Tioman

Have you watched the Col Moschin trailer I made for yesterday’s post? If not… watch now la.. ehheheh OK So ORIS organised a media trip to Tioman Island last week to witness the launch of the Col Moschin watch which only has 2000 pieces in the whole wide world. All media gathered at Subang Airport […]

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