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I’m Back From Korea!

I just came back to Malaysia this morning at 5am… and slept til 12 noon. heh. Last night was the best moment ever I had throughout the whole week in Korea.. why? COS IT WAS SNOWING!@!@@@! ahahahahhhaa 4 exclusive posts on this Korea trip will be up starting 1st December 2010 and at the end […]

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Hello From Korea!

The Internet in this hotel in Incheon is super sucky. So since I get to connect tonight, I’ll upload a photo I took today here in Korea. The weather here is super cold. Tomorrow is gonna be -4 degrees celsius. Woot! C u guys again if I get Internet in Seoul.. or when I’m back […]

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Shout! Awards 2010 + I’m off to Korea!

Last weekend something big .. something happening… and something loud happened at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. It was the SHOUT! Awards 2010! Check out the tiny humans filling up the whole indoor stadium! Amazing. The show started with a this performance which got everyone’s attention. Some other performances were by James Baum, Najwa, BunkFace, Mizz […]

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