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#Missycheerio, AngryBirds and Instagrams

POPCRAP 1 Was at Ellie aka MissyCheerio’s Farewell party last night at VOGUE, Plaza Mont Kiara. Here are some photos. Known her for so many years already.. and she’s now leaving to Australia for a long long time.. take care and dont forget me ok? 😀 So many people were there last night! Contohnya Albert,Ewin, […]

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Exploring The Streets of Hatyai

The moment we arrived at Hatyai airport.. we felt something. Hot weather. lol Sunny day… clear skies with fluffy clouds. Great got travelling. A van took us back to the hotel to check in and the rooms were huge! We then walked around the hotel to check out the area. Not only the pigeons were […]

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We The VIPs in Hatyai

The flight to Hatyai took only 1 hour! Damn fast! Jian the Miao, Jason the pOp, Adrian the Super. I think we spent most of the time taking photos of the clouds… ahahha Adrian took videos non stop! … and we finally arrived! I was shocked the moment we got out of the plane like […]

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The Inaugural Flight To Hatyai

So back in August, Air Asia launched their flight from KL to Hatyai and they invited a few bloggers to experience the inaugural KUL-Hatyai flight there. The journey started when I arrived at LCCT and met up with people I did not know… except 1. haha. Was welcomed by the Air Asia crew and was […]

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discovrpOp is now LIVE! + Text100 Party

Hello everybodehhhhhhhhh If you have watched my pOpvid #4, you should have already known that the new member of has been launched. discovrpOp is the name of my new blog. Feel free to visit to find out cool and new stuff for mobile devices. Read reviews on new phones… watch video of new games! […]

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