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MASTraveller Party!

Just came back from‘s bloggers party at Tamarind NEO! Here are some people shots from just now. Free caricature service for all! :D:D:D:D:D:D … and lastly… Group shot! (Not everyone.. probably just quarter of it.) More soon!

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We ate worms, crickets & maggots.

As we were approaching the Songkhla floating market, we walked past a stall selling fried bugs. So we braved ourselves and tried. The smell was actually quite good lol So many bugs! Worms? Maggots? So we bought some worms n crickets. OK HERE WE GO! Putting a cricket into my mouth. Iska’s expression lol. To […]

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Awesome lunch at Yo Island, Songkhla.

Photos from Hatyai seems like never ending eh? Anyways… after visiting Songkhla Aquarium, we went over to a small island on ferry for lunch. According to the tour guide, the seafood is very fresh and the scenery is niceeeeeeee. So we went to check it outz. We came to this small scale dried food production […]

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