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Nine Emperor Gods Festival

Here I was again at the yearly Nine Emperor Gods festival and I was there again to take some photos and videos with the gang. It was the 3rd consecutive year I went there and this was the first time I witnessed chinese opera at the temple. Here are some shots from that night. They […]

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Comida Solaris Opening

Few months back, I was invited to the launch of the new Italian restaurant at Solaris Dutamas called COMIDA. It’s opened by my friend Basil along with other partners. Here are some shots from the launch night. The restaurant. They had media, friends, family all there! Some of the food they served. My seat was […]

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Sucker Punch! New Toy! CameraMe!

POPCRAP 1 Just came back from watching Sucker Punch. I went in without knowing what the movie was about… so there wasnt any expectations at all. The movie was kinda… awkward + weird + ……. (enter your own word here). I came out from the cinema feeling.. speechless and.. confused whether to say it’s a […]

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WEBUY – Every Second Matters

As usual I was surfing around forums and stuff and I stumbled upon this website called WeBUY. Interesting enough, it’s a local website! What it does? It’s a ‘group buying’ website. That means, it allows groups of people to agree in buying something, then they will bulk it. WeBUY features new deals every max 3 […]

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