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PUMA Suede Evolution Party @ Publika #ForTheStreet

Last night was awesome! Why? Cos we were all partying at PUMA’s Suede #ForTheStreet Party whereby we celebrated Suede’s evolution thoughout the past 45 years. Amazing kan? Here are some photos. More to come! To start things off, it’s me and the GIANT Puma suede 😛 Then it was all about chilling, performances and dances […]

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Meeting Chef Mickey At Midnight!

Part 1: To Hongkong I Go! Part 2: Awesome Lunch at Disneyland Hotel Part 3: Faces Of Disneyland Part 4: Slinky Ride & Golden Mickey! Part 5: Beauty & The Beast In A Small Small World Ahhhhh.. after all the CNY posts.. we are back to our regular programming.. Hongkong Disneyland! lol After leaving Disneyland […]

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Back from Penang!

Wassup y’all! I just came back from Penang as I was hosting Nokia’s Lumia challenge at Gurney Plaza on Saturday and Sunday. Here are 3 photos I posted on Instagram. First thing we did when we arrived. Try out the Sister’s char kuey teow at Lorong Selamat Basically these 2 days we went around to […]

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My Biggest Screen At Home

As you know, I’m always out and about, at events.. meeting friends.. take photos.. recording podcast and stuff. So some might be wondering if I do ever stay at home and just watch TV. Well, yes I do. lol Here’s how it’s like in my living room. My SHARP Aquos is right in the middle […]

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