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Bye Bye Taiwan!

On the last day in Taipei, Joshua and I woke up early to search for the typical Taiwanese breakfast. We kinda found a shop selling these but it tasted to bad. Everything was either tasteless or … tasteless. Around noon, we checked out and big goodbye to the awesome FX hotel. Arriving at the airport […]

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Back from Philea Resort Melaka!

So the past 2 days I was at Phileo Resort Melaka with my family. It was such a relaxing place I nearly didnt wanna come back. lol Here are some Instagrams I posted. Here’s how it looks like. The room looks awesome. And very ‘close to nature’ feel. We drove to Jonker for dinner and […]

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JiuFen: So Real It Got Spirited Away

Walking down the iconic staircase in JiuFen led us to many unique tea houses. We stopped at this one to check out what’s unique about it. The entrance was a cave! Half a day at Jiu Fen is definitely not enough. This place was so awesome it got adapted in the animation SPIRITED AWAY. A […]

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