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Crab Factory & Antipodean

So many months back we decided to go try this new crab place in SS2 called Crab Factory. We ordered 2 types of crabs, chicken wings, fries, sausages… Hows the food? Let’s just say.. we wont come back again. lol The crab. I also visited Antipodean, which.. at the time.. just opened in Midvalley. That […]

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The Curious Goat Is Curious

One of my favorite cafes in Damansara Perdana.. and one of the earliest ones there is The Curious Goat. Friendly baristas, great ambience.. and most importantly, they were generous enough to let TricycleTV make a lot of videos there. ๐Ÿ˜€ If you have never been, this is how the counter area looks like. Super chantique! […]

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