2D smashpOp & Ford Fiesta Launch At Taylor’s Lakeside!

Just few days ago was the launch of the new Ford Fiesta and as one of the 4 agents, I was there along with Harvee, Fay Hokulani and Jane Chuck. Here are some photos, all taken using Nokia Lumia 1020.

As I arrived at 4pm, everyone was still getting ready so I walked around and snapped some photos.

I was also looking for my little banner which was supposed to be hanging somewhere in the vicinity.

Found it!

Then I was just hanging around in the VIP area waiting for the event to begin.

Harvee was there around the same time as me so we took a photo first while waiting for the other 2 agents.

All 4 of us had an ‘agent-in-training’ which were selected based on their submission under the respective category (Mine was TechGeek btw). So these were the guys who won!

Then the crowd started to fill the VIP and concert area, the Ford Fiesta introduction and press con began at about 6pm. Our banners were then rolled down from the buildings across the lake.



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