3 CNY Videos You Need To Watch Before ‘Goat’ Year Arrives

Few more days and the Lunar New Year will arrive. It will be the year of the Goat and many hope that this new year will bring luck and joy to everyone.

So before it comes, here are 3 locally made videos that you need to watch in order to learn more about Chinese New Year, feel the warmth of family & friends, and lastly.. a bit of dance and fun.

Here goes!

This one, though made by an online buysell company, it does bring tear to the audience. Give it a watch and let me know what you think.

This is not for cry or laugh but an eye opener to those who almost forgot the real meaning of Chinese New Year celebration and tradition.

Lastly, after all the crying and learning about CNY, it’s time to laugh and dance! Produced by local youtubers, TricycleTV combined the popular ‘Uptown Funk’ song by Bruno Mars and made it truly Malaysian. Check it and SHARE 😀


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