3JC Pork Noodle

This one is best!!!

I went makan makan with my mum last week at Lowyat.
She wanted to try the famous pork ball noodle here..

The place was not bad… very clean. got LCds but keep showing their own ad oni.. cheh..

It’s not a big place but can fit probably.. 30ppl

Mum ordered this.. wonton noodle.. i tried one of those…wow.. damn nice!.. the soup .. nothing special la.. since all wonton mee got the same soup(i think)(RM7.80)

this was mine.. wah sedap gila.. the noodle was their famous home made super tangy elastically soft and silky smooth noodle.. and the pork ball was springy and the pork sausage was to die for and the sping onions was .. erm… like spring onion.(RM7.90)

honey lemon.. nothing special.. but not bad. 🙂

everyone should come n try… mum told me that this San Jian Chuang place was damn famous.. now i dono la.. 😛


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