3rd Day in Korea. Ferris Land and Memorial Hall

It was the 3rd day in Korea… yes… this is about my Korea trip few months back thanks to Air Asia X! They flew some media from TV3, RTM, journalists from local newspapers and a blogger to the land of SuperJunior and Girls Generation for a familiarization trip there.

We woke up at 730am for breakfast. Kimchi porridge FTW! Did I mention I love Korean food?

… and did I mention I forgot to bring my dSLR battery charger to Korea? So yea,… my photos from there were combinations of dSLR and iPhone..

We all gathered outside the hotel in super cold weather of about 11’celsius with strong wind to wait for the bus and to take some photos. This one is with Abang Ed.. big guy in Air Asia X.

More photos!

What does the Korean words say?

The bus came and drove us to this place. No. We did not go to the ferris wheel. We went to the place behind me when I took this photo.

It was Incheon’s memorial hall. -_-”



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