4 Guys Jumped At The Tallest Building On Earth. You Won’t Believe What They Got After That

The tallest building on earth, is not that apartment behind your house. It’s the 829.8 m tower in Dubai, named BURJ KHALIFA. It is also known as Burj Dubai to some.

4 of us, who travelled from Abu Dhabi, spent half an hour in Dubai Mall (previous post) and finally ended up at Burj Khalifa.

Me (Malaysia), Ali (Jordan), Tomi (England) & Jade (The Philippines).

We did all sorts of stunts there and mine is of course, the SMASHPOP JUMP.

We were there for almost 1-2 hours before the sun started to set. The view was so beautiful we stopped at this location to snap all the photos we want.

After all the travelling and jumping, it was time to reward ourselves with FATBURGER!



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