So I met up with the group of friends and went makan at Swensens.

After that we wanted to camho… so I suggested the search for nice walls..(as usual)

and found this blue wall!

Who are the group of friends?

Met Eve before at the Big bloggers Gathering at Sg. Wang, KL… but haven’t met Minny before. Didn’t know that she is actually from Kedah(she came all the way from Kedah for this meet up u know… 🙂 thanks Minny)

Here are my 2 Penang brothers… ahha broTung and broPhin. Had so much fun talking to them.. mostly about arcades and MarioKart. lol

Me with the gals… chunEve n hawtMinny.

oh btw… see that Tshirt I’m wearing? Faster say the design damn nice. ahha It’s fun wearing the tshirt with your own design. 😀

A group shot! Not really complete group.. cos Shinichi was holding the camera and Charlene was missing in action… oh and that’s Symeon in black polo.

after all the camhoring and shopping.. we went out of the building and did the smashpOp jump.

it was raining at that time.. but wadahek.. don care la haha

the girls went on with their own plans when broTung n broPhin brought me to eat some nice Char Kuey Teow at somewhere called ‘Batu Lanchang’



  1. jack

    I like how you wrote and express through your blog post… Well, keep it on my friend 😉

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