5 Things I Love About The Nissan Leaf [Video]

Been driving the Nissan Leaf for more than 2 weeks already and the experience is simply outstanding. I got the chance to fetch some family and friends and everyone whom has seen it was impressed by the car and seems like everyone has their own thing to love about the Nissan Leaf.

So this post is about the things that I love about the Leaf… well actually there are many things.. but in this post, I shall focus on just 5. Zoom to the bottom of this post for the video that sums it all up & more!

While most of the photos I post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter shows the front of the car, I actually prefer the back design more. Just look at the shape and the ‘curvatious’ back light. Don’t you think it looks really futuristic?

Since it’s an all electric car, there’s no need to pump petrol as it only runs on electric. This means there’s no emission. No emission basically means there’s no need of an exhaust pipe.

You know the car is very quiet when you drive towards some birds on the roadand they don’t fly away. There is literally no sound emitted from the car. This is because there’s no engine. Only motors.

I myself have not driven a car with such amazing torque. 280Nm is really something. When I stepped on the accelerator while driving my friends, everyone leaned back naturally as the Leaf zooms to the front so abruptly.. kinda like the moment when Marty and the deLorean zooming into the future lidat.. haha.

Last but not least, there’s no need to go to the petrol station anymore as it doesn’t use petrol. I can charge it at the convenience of my own house. Charge it like how I would charge my mobile phone. Haha.

OK check out this video below that shows the 5 things in a very dramatic format.LOL



  1. kucing dengan tikus

    awesome pawsome ^^

  2. Gurpal Singh(@gskalra)

    Good stuff Jason. A few questions tho…
    1) How long does the car drive on a single charge?
    2) How long does it take to charge?
    3) What is the electricity bill like?


    smashpOp Replies:

    1. 160km
    2. 6 hrs
    3. rm7.90 for 1 full charge

    Gurpal Singh(@gskalra) Replies:

    thats really good la…

    may need another car for long distance, but its worth it. especially if you charge every 2-3 days…depending on your driving.

    If you charge daily, then maybe might be a bit more than petrol(for those who average rm200/month)


    Ken Wooi Replies:

    Interesting. Is the charger portable? Like can we charge it anywhere anytime? 🙂

    smashpOp Replies:

    oh nonono. ahah it uses a bigger adapter. so gotta install first

  3. ahlost

    Eeeeee.. i can’t wait to test drive it in kuching laaaaa ~.~

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