Kakiseni is organising a playwriting competition, and the prize money is pretty substantial (RM10,000 first prize).

“We’re looking for people from all kinds of backgrounds to give this playwriting thing a go — we want more than just the usual suspects in the arts and literature scene. We know there’s talent out there just waiting to be discovered, and we want them to know we’re looking for them!”

Interested in writing a short 10minutes play and get great prizes? Visit Kakiseni now!


ok part 2 of Jeans Street. haha

i tell you guys one thing.

Jeans Street sux. Seriously!

The brandless jeans r not cheap.. as in they r priced the same as KL.. and the branded ones…. erm.. didnt find any there. -_-

oh look! Spiderman with his legs spreaded wide…. and look a lil bit further! Superman! crushing into the shop!

That’s me! Supposed to show the building behind me.. but.. I guess.. I blocked it ahhaa and as you can see.. im carrying my camera bag.. and was sked to bring out my SLR

then we walked to a shopping center and the first thing we saw was..

J.Co donuts! Albert kept telling us how famous it is and all.. so I tried one.

I tell you…

the donut… damn nice!

ok anyways. we walked in the mall for about 30 mins n walked out to main street.

more shops which sells nothign but stuff that we r not interested in.

and then we had to cross the road to go back to our bus.

Seriously… its not easy to cross roads in Bandung. Watch the video. You will understand.

and then we safely got on our bus.

Took this from inside the bus. Look at the man.. sure terrorist or something.. got big misai all.. and nex to him got stall selling guns.



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