5D Theatre At Incheon Smart City. Amazed!

So after breakfast, we took the bus… where did we go? INCHEON SMART CITY COMPLEX!

Incheon is actually in development to become Korea’s smart city and this complex basically demonstrates to visitors and tourists how it will look like in the future.

We all gathered outside the building before entering.

Some of the smart buildings were already completed. Here’s one. Check out the awesome weather!

Through out the tour, we were shown miniatures of the future Incheon Smart city

Check out the view from the complex! Took this using a panorama app on the iPhone. CLICK TO ENLARGE!

Me and Tan with our 3D glasses in the 4D theatre.

Then we went to the 5D Theatre! 5D WOOHOOOOOO! CLICK TO ENLARGE!

Before leaving, we also got to play with some demo.

Here’s a video I recorded from inside the bus, to inside the complex and a tour to their 4D and 5D theatres!




  1. zstan

    Whoa, didn’t know about this 5D theater when i was there. What’ s the difference between 4D?

    smashpOp Replies:

    you can roughly see the diff in the photo i posted. quite obvious 😀

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