7 Degrees in Macau

After Stanley Waterfront, we took the ferry to Macau.. cos my cousin and aunt havent been there before.

At the immigration counter.. checkout the temperature reading.. 7 degrees!!! Woot! hahhhsahah yes it was super cold indeed as it was raining that day..

We took one of the free bus rides to Lisboa casino and walked from there to St. Paul fort.

Forgot the name of this place.. it was the beginning of the street up the hill to St. Paul.. super cold!

Along the street there are shops selling biscuits and cookies and egg tart and dried meat.. these are well known products in Macau.

We stopped by one of the shops to buy some.

I like this shot. Check out ze bokeh! Not very clear but sure they are milky and smooth.

Since it was raining when we arrived at St. Paul fort, im gonna skip the photo and show u one I took 1-2 years back.

Ok thats it.. we then went back to Hongkong.



  1. yinxie

    one of those pic that can see your eyes LOL

  2. TZ

    Long time din see Pop Jump… 🙂

  3. TianChad

    More smashpop jump shoot come come

  4. uLi

    The Grand Lisboa very nice shot 🙂

  5. ah hong

    The bah gua color looks different, nice ah pOp?

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