It’s Rynn!

stella: o.O eh, Rynn Lim concert begins, smashpop post end? =.=” pop, i want hk la…!! =P

AngryYoungChild: haha yeah your hair damn long..Potong stim la your fast!

pat: potong stim..XD

——- okok no more potong stim… here are the photos… and a video.. lol

some say dono who Rynn Lim is…. then Ling yu Zhong tau?

Rynn performed 3 songs and invited a guest artiste

there…. I forgot what his name was… anyone knows?

erm.. seriously.. whos this guy? ahahhha

He performed a few more songs before he introduced the next guest.. who is also his idol.

It was Sheila Majid…. anyone in Malaysia dono her? ahaha

She then sang her damn femes all time favourite song… Sinaran.

Suddenly Ah Du appeared on stage! He rox too.

Watch this video..

Let us all sing along to the song “Kao An” hehe

Finale tomoro! (or might not) 😀



  1. smashin' pOpstar

    […] I was one of the special Alpha photographers for Rynn Lim’s concert […]

  2. joyce

    how to capture photo of a person who is dancing or singing on stage without blurring?jz like urs~
    u use flash?how bout d settings?

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