9th Emperor Festival

Last 2 weeks were the yearly “9th Emperor’s Festival” celebrated by the Chinese.

I happen to live nearby and Ryan asked me to go there with him on the first day of the festival.

Darren joined us and off we went.

This is the temple. As it was the first day, the crowd was overwhelming. We reached there at 11pm cos 12midnight was the ceremony to welcome the 9th Emperor’ to the temple.

As we walked near, we saw many stalls outside the entrance selling all sorts of things.

this girl here owns the stall that sells flour puppets… the cute lil thingy were sold everywhere around the temple vicinity.

there were a lot more stalls..

here’s one more… this uncle here was selling steamed peanuts. he looked happy eh!? ahahaa

As we walked into the temple, there were ALOT MORE SHOPS SELLING ALL SORTS OF USELESS THINGS!

TURTLE PAU..chinese believe that it brings longevity to the family.

i was walking and got shocked when i saw this guy holding some scary looking thingymajig… can anyone tell me what was he holding? some god statue rite?

guess what, got BRIDAL SHOP ALSO!!

and this one here sells paintings of Buddhas.

This guy here were in the midst of a video call conversation with his friend showing the painting using the front camera of the phone…. HELLO! USE BACK CAMERA CAN?!!?


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