A bunch of Instagrammers visited a cafe. What they did was totally expected.

So many months back, there was an Instagrammers gathering which took place at AMPM Cafe in Subang. I went and managed to make friends with many new people from the local Instagram scene.
After all the introduction, chatting and food ordering, we started taking out our cameras. Heh. Well, what we were about to do was totally expected.

We took thousands of photos of food and coffee.

The big breakfast set became the star of the day the moment it was served.

Emily was quick in placing it by the window.

#Instagram tip: Always place your food by the window as natural lighting helps greatly in the food shot.

See how beautiful her shot was on the camera 😀

The coffee arrives. Tiff & Wenyi doing their thing.

Well of course, the cup of flat white went all over the cafe. Haha

Michell and Xiaolin started posing for the cameras.

Stay tuned to find out what happened next!


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