A.C.E Triumphs at Energizer’s First Ever Night Paintball Event

Team A.C.E. emerged as winners of the inaugural Energizer Night Strike at Xtion Paintball Park Bukit Jalil on Sunday, winning RM20,000 in cash and the enviable title of champion for Asia’s first themed night paintball event by Energizer Malaysia.

Recognised as the first night and ultraviolet (UV) light paintball tournament in Asia Pacific by the Paintball Asia League Series (PALS), the Energizer Night Strike features seven-minute ‘speedball’ rounds incorporating a ‘capture the flag’ scenario, played completely in the dark with only UV lighting and fluorescent paintballs to complement Energizer’s new Energy Beam brand image.

“The Energizer Night Strike incorporates a realistic tournament landscape instead of using inflatable bunkers, transforming virtual imagery into reality,” said Joshua Leong, Brand Manager for Energizer Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

For three days including the weekend, spectators got a first-hand experience of Energizer’s innovative night paintball format with flashes of light and fluorescent orange paintballs whizzing through the night, while helicopter noises and gunfire filled the air. The players themselves were decked out in reflective strips, transforming their movements into green, white and orange neon light.

Suhaila Shardin, the sole female paintballer in team TMS, was the first player to capture the base in the preliminaries on the first night. Displaying amazing speed and dexterity, she infiltrated deep inside enemy lines to light up a giant Energizer AA battery which signalled victory.

Nick Wong of team Black Cell attracted lots of attention when he walked onto the field in a full ghillie camouflage suit, making him almost invisible while sprawled on the ground. His tactic proved fruitful – putting down four opponents in one round alone and winning him the title of Best Camouflage in the prize-giving ceremony.

“Not many people know that Malaysia is the biggest paintball hub in Asia, and Malaysia has single-handedly driven the development of the sport throughout Asia Pacific for the last five years. We’re happy that Energizer is making the effort to support the industry with a one-of-a-kind event that most paintballers have never encountered before,” said Kevin.

“As the first UV night game in Asia, this could be the next big thing in paintball which will definitely interest more people to take up the game,” he added.

For more information, visit www.energizer.com.my.


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