A Trip To Avilion Admiral Cove & Eagle Ranch

Few months ago, my family decided to do a roadtrip to Port Dickson for 2 days just for fun.

I recommended the stay to be at Avilion Admiral Cove since I stayed there before.

The view was not bad. This was shot right outside the coffee house. We were there for lunch when we arrived.

Some of the stuff we had. Club sandwich.. which was moderate.

… and nasi lemak.. which was bad. Took 10 years to prepare. I died of hunger halfway.

We then got into our rooms and settled our stuff before going out again.

Cousin wanted to visit the Eagle Ranch so we drove there. About 30 mins drive. I was here long time ago when I was in the TV reality show Double Exposure.

Got to touch the horse a bit when we were there.

Posed here there everywhere….




  1. simonso

    orang kaya tinggal at tempat mahal.. cis!

    smashpOp Replies:

    this is the cheap avilion la.. small one

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