A visit to the orphanage. A lesson learnt.

Few months back, we all at Siao Gang wen to visit the orphanage in Jinjang and to donate food and daily supplies to them.

Here are some photos I got when we were there.

The orphanage was super hidden we got lost a few times trying to find it.

They were having lunch when we arrived. Looking at the amount of food they were given, I doubt it was adequate.

The oldest and youngest member there. One was ‘caged’ on the bed and one had weak legs. Both couldnt move around.

This might just be the most cheerful one amongst the kids… but somehow the smile just wasnt there.

We brought toys for them too. Glad we were able to bring happiness to them.

Until someone adopts them, these are their family members. No one else.

After all the games and activities we had, we took a group shot before leaving to the old folks home.



  1. JLean

    Wassup There Jason. =)..

    smashpOp Replies:

    long time no c bro

  2. Evon

    i went to this orphanage before! those kids very cute! hahahahaha!!

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