Adam C n his passport

and so… we were flying to indonesia…

but in order to get to Bandung, we have to stop at Jakarta and took a 2 hours bus there.

thats another “can die can!”

and everyone has to carry a bottle of liqour to indon cos we need to ‘consume’ them at the annual company dinner later.

we gathered at one part of the airport to rest and chit chat abit while waiting for the tour bus to come n fetch us.

I recorded video again.

Adam C from seem to have lost his precious… ahah watch the video.. and you will know what happened there.

10 minutes later we went out of the airport and got on the bus which brought us to a Nasi Padang Restaurant for lunch.

Nice sky

we were so hungry that we didnt take photos of the food… imagine being awake for 24 hrs.. so tiring

seriously the food sux. cold. some tasteless n some too salty sux lah.. even Jen agrees

after lunch.. we walked out of the restaurant to camho a bit 😀

and then….


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