Adventure Jump

ok back to Nokia Wireless Adventure.

After breakfast, after buying pouches for our N82s, we went back to our rooms to get changed and packed our bags.

We then gathered at Bakerzin at 1230pm cos Nokia booked half the restaurant for us to have lunch there.

We reached there a bit early so we camho first. lol

Look at the N82s on the table.. woot lol

(Photo taken by Jason Chan)

Our food!

We had the whole 3 hours for lunch cos the event actually starts at 3.. lol so we talk kok sing song… took photos and laughed and everything else…

At about 230pm we walked over to the race “gathering + starting point” and found out we were still very very ahead of time.

I saw the stage and I wanted to jump straight away. Everyone else around me knew what I wanted to do.. lol bloggers.

everyone grabbed their cameras and I did my thing.

More tomorrow!


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