Album T Launch

Last Sunday, I went to Timessquare for the launching of Sony’s new Cybershot called ‘Album T’.

The attractions for the event was that we could purchase the cam for RM11.11! and also the appearance of Rynn Lim, a local singer whom have made it big in Taiwan.

The moment I reached, which was 1045am, I realised that I wasnt early at all.

the place was already filled with people. omg! So i grabbed my Alpha, plugged in the wide lens and took this shot from the back.

I then met up with Hungwei who was already there since 10am.

Iz us! posing with our Alpha 700 and 100 🙂 (photo taken by his friend using a Sony Cybershot)

all of them on stage were casts of the new ALbum T short drama and these 3 were part of them too. Astro Talent quest contestant, wahlaitoi host, and Rynn Lim. They were all busy promoting the drama and the new Cybershot.

of course… got celebrities… got ppl take foto lor…

There! N73 Music edition with rubber casing spotted. hehe

The next agenda was for RynnLim to present an ALbum T to the director and all the casts of the drama.

I zoomed kao kao, 200mm and hoped to catch a shot of Rynn Lim looking at my direction.

and I got it! ahhaa I got 7th sense. I can join Heroes. 😀

another one. The white version damn chun.

Guess what happened next. Winner gets nothing. lol C’mon guess le.


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