Alpha A700 Launch

I just came back!!!!!!!!!

Back!!!! from the launch event of Sony Alpha A700 at Rennaisance Hotel.

As I have sold off my A100… I went there cameraless…

but luckily Albert still had his camera with him… so I slotted in my memory card into his camera and took some shots.

This is the entrance to the hall…. everyone actually gathered outside the hall to experience the new A700 and lenses before going in.

There was a photo gallery too!

And I am proud to be one of the few selected Alpha photographers to be featured in the gallery.

Can anyone spot my big round face?

There you go.. a closer look. Sony actually picked this photo that I took last year at KTM station… I kinda like the photo too. 🙂 Jealousy Kills. yummy.

at about 6pm, everyone was asked to enter the hall as the ceremony was about to start.

The moment I went in, I was shocked to see my face on the HDTV wall. lol

There were actualy 8 Sony HDTV next to the stage to show us how easy it is to connect the new A700 to high definition televisions.

Here’s a video of the stage and the HDTV wall with my face all over. ahahaha

after some talks… the A700 was finally brought out on stage by the japanese guy manager or something..

photos taken by Albert.

The event ended with a buffet dinner…

I love food…. I love eating…. I love eating free foood… especially buffets…

but I didnt have appetite… I ate a little… and then grabbed Albert and we zoomed to KLCC….

and we each bought our new babies…

more comprehensive post about my new Alpha tomoro… 😀


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