Alpha Focused

I’ll use this post… to explain why I buy the Alpha and test it a lil.

before that…

took this in the office just now.

oh I made a new “Photo taken by” banner too. You’ll see that when I post photos taken by my a700.

as usual… I always have a white background shot of my new toys. lol

Those are the main reasons why I buy the Alpha. (doesnt mean other brands are not good… but I would be happier if I have antishake built-in, hehe)

you have to see the screen in real life to know how great it is. Some call it “the bravia” cos seems like a miniature Sony LCD tv.

The upcoming Nikon D300 will be using this same screen too.

Now let’s test to see if the photos are ‘noisy’ at high ISO.

a photo of my desk at work.

now lets take a few shots with different ISOs and enlarge it to 100% and crop it to 200x300px.

In my opinion, It is still save to use ISO 1600 since the noise is not that visible yet.

What say you?

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