Alpha Workshop

2 weeks ago I attended a workshop for Sony Alpha users at KLPAC organised by Sony Malaysia.

It was a 9 hours thingy and they invited Ron Yue to give a talk for the 1st half of the workshop.

Learned a lot from him. ahahah I wanna join the National Geographic team!! NOW NOW NOW!!

After the talk.. we had lunch.

Then the 2nd part of the workshop was sort of like an outdoor photoshoot guided by 10 photographers from CLICK magazine.

Here’s a random photo I took

Snapped this at the entrance of the building

n then the group walked further out from the building and started snapping away.

let me take this opportunity to show u guys 3 photos of the same thing. lol

This one was shot with the normal settings.. nothing special

HDR.. sort of like combining 2 or more images of different exposure to represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to the deepest shadows.

Wireless flash technique is normally used to direct the viewers to see a certain object in the photo.

More photos soon


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