Alpha Workshop @ LeMeridien

Early last month, Sony had a workshop for all Alpha users at the Le Meridien hotel. It’s part of the bi-monthly workshop that is free for all Alpha owners… but this time grand a bit.. haha

The event started at about 11am with registrations and light snacks… then the product manager came on stage to welcome everyone, make some announcements and introduced the new forum for Alpha users.

He then introduced the 7 of us…. the moderators of… woot!

Then it was about 1230noon… we all went out of the hall and we chit chatted with other alpha owners.. some are new, and some are very good photographers.

More more more Alpha friends…. I was at the previous Alpha melaka outing with Yiau.

My 2 very good Alpha buddies 😀

Met new friends too!

AH! why suddenly everyone cramped in the lift?

Check back tomorrow 😀



  1. Jepf

    The Alpha Males he he

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