Amazing Dinner At Pure, Helsinki.

Pt.1: Hello Paris! Hello Helsinki!
Pt.2: First meeting with Ms.Helsinki
Pt.3: CityCenter & Stockmann in Helsinki
Pt.4: Streets In Helsinki
Pt.5: Nokia Store, Cafe In The Park & Exploring Helsinki
Pt.6: First Dinner In Finland!
Pt.7: Visit to Nokia House in Helsinki, Finland
Pt.8: The bridge, the room & the wall of Nokia phones
Pt.9: Top view, bottom view and rooftop garden at Nokia House, Finland
Pt.10: We Are The Judges!

After touring Nokia House and had lunch and more product sessions, we ended up at this restaurant for dinner.

It was located by the marina. Such an awesome location.

Hello! That’s me and Dean and Jen and..

My appetizer

Funny duo

Most amazing meal ever. The pork was so tender. Wow.

Awesome dessert!

That’s all for dinner. More photos next!


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