Andaman Ampang Yumcha

Just came back from dinner with my buddy Bryan…. WHY SO MANY BRYANs AND JOSHUAs NOWADAYS???!

Dinner was at this place called Thai Thai. lol wat a name.

Ok back in July… 12th July to be exact… some of us Ampang gang went for yumcha at the newly opened Stevens Tea Garden nearby our place.

Elaine… not so Ampang… but still nearby…

Mojosh and Bryan were there too…. but kekurangan Suetmei and Vivian.

Oh btw.. these photos were taken using Mynjayz’s A200. Thanks bro for the shots!


I’m going to Langkawi tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Sony Malaysia.



  1. mynjayz

    wootsss ampang gang ROCKS !!!!

  2. JustinH

    So Nice! Take me with you~
    Lemme smuggle in your luggage bag~ LoL

  3. jac

    imagine if ppl ask “eh u like Thai Thai?”

  4. ewin

    wahhhh so nice langkawi!
    cis! got new alpha?

  5. one of the many BRYANs

    wow, so efficient =P
    thought can only see the pic in 3 months time XD

  6. Albert Ng

    You should post a collage of all your friends named Bryan, and all your friends named Joshua.

  7. uLi

    Where you stay ar? Cheras/Ampang?

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