Are you wet? Then these Superdry Urban watches are for you.

I see that you are wet. So let me make you Superdry.

OK that’s super random.
Haha! But what’s not random are these watches that I am currently into.
These Superdry Urban watches are so funky they comes in so many colours that I have no choice but to get all of them to match my day to day outfit.

Don’t believe me? Continue reading.

I wore this last week when I went to check out a new cafe at Petaling Street. See how the green and blue combo makes me look awesome? OK just kidding but really, they look so good.

Here’s a close up at some other colour variants. The blue with white face looks very clean and minimalist. Which is what I would wear during weekdays.

What do you think of this orange one with black face? It gives a very wild aura and I’d wear this when I wanna stand out amongst people around me. Confirm I will get noticed. Then it can be a conversation topic as well.

The army version matches my breakfast. Sort of. 😀

Seriously, there are just too many variants. Gotta give it up to Superdry for making these colour combos so that everyone would not be wearing the same colour watch.

One more photo of me wearing my favourite blue Superdry Urban.

If you are interested in getting one of these, Just head to any Superdry store and you will find them. They only cost RM199. So affordable!

Oh btw, if you quote “SUPERDRYURBAN10” when you purchase, you will get 30% Superdry discount card for every purchase of any Superdry watches from 17th to 28th August. T’s & C’s apply.


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