Arriving at La Mola Hotel, Barcelona

Pt. 1: The Journey From Kuala Lumpur To Istanbul

So after spending 3 hours at Istanbul airport, I finally boarded the flight to Barcelona.

That was me waiting for my luggage. Got a stranger to take this photo for me. Thanks!

Nokia have actually got someone to wait for me outside the airport and it was a Mercedes ride to the hotel!

45 minutes ride in the Merz.. with me talking English and the driver speaking Spanish. LOL funniest conversation ever.

We then arrived at the hotel. La Mola.

Apparently my flight was 1 day earlier than everyone else so I had a day extra to do nothing which was AWESOME.

Took the lift up to my room. Old school display dial on a black and white screen. Hmmm

My room! The door actually opens and I get a view of the golf course outside. Really cooling temperature.. about 10 degrees celcius.

Yes, I know I am in Barcelona. Thanks. lol

The toilet on the left.. basin in the middle and shower room on the right. Weird.




  1. xjion89

    Nice toilet (^^)~

    smashpOp Replies:

    room not nice? ehehe

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