Arrving at the mysterious sea fortress, Suomenlinna!

Pt.1: Hello Paris! Hello Helsinki!
Pt.2: First meeting with Ms.Helsinki
Pt.3: CityCenter & Stockmann in Helsinki
Pt.4: Streets In Helsinki
Pt.5: Nokia Store, Cafe In The Park & Exploring Helsinki
Pt.6: First Dinner In Finland!
Pt.7: Visit to Nokia House in Helsinki, Finland
Pt.8: The bridge, the room & the wall of Nokia phones
Pt.9: Top view, bottom view and rooftop garden at Nokia House, Finland
Pt.10: We Are The Judges!
Pt.11: Amazing Dinner At Pure, Helsinki.
Pt.12: Helsinki at 10pm
Pt.13: To The Karaoke Bar!
Pt.14: To The Helsinki Fish Market!
Pt.15: I’m On A Boat. To A Mysterious Land.

So after a 15 minutes ferry ride, we arrived at the mysterious island.

The place is called Suomenlinna. It’s sea fortress made out of 6 islands which is now a city in Helsinki.

Amazing signboards there. So amazing I had no clue what was it about.

First stop, lunch!

The outdoor area of the restaurant looks good but packed. We decided to sit inside instead.

Ready to order.


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