As The Boat Left Me At The River

Back in September, I went to Malacca with my parents. We planned to spend a night there so we could just chill and walk around the town without the need to rush. Here are some photos the moment we started our walk by the river.

We were welcomed by the Malacca river. Well, not just us. I bet everyone who goes there will be welcomed by the river. Pfft. Anyway, lets move on.

Spotted some cool cafes across the river. They were actually hotels. Would love to stay in one of these the next time I go there. Must be nice chilling by the river at night.

On my side of the river was these red buildings. We were standing behind them.

Saw someone who looked just like me in the glass window. Scary!

Ok ok me… like for realz.

Tourists get to sit on these boats to tour along the river. Fun!



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