Asia Cafe Penang

ok lemme complete posting my Penang photos k?

2nd day of my Penang trip.

We went breakfast..

Asia Cafe? wtf? subang? lol

anywyas, we had loh mee at the kopitiam next to it.

after that we went for a short photoshoot at the temple nearby.

it was quite hard to shoot since people were walking here n there up n down left n right… so this is the only photo i like from the shoot. hahahaha

we then walked to a nearby shop for another makan session…. but before that i was attracted by a scene… typical malaysian scene. haha

so yea.. we went to makan fishball noodle…. we were’nt hungry… but we just wanna try it out..

and then we came out and posed n did stupid things with the 2 poles outside (foto taken by Douglas)

weeeeeeeeeeeee! its christmas eve! 😀


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