Asian Music Festival. We Met Se7en & Lollipop F

So the event that got the whole KL going crazy was none other than Asian Music Festival which took place back in May. The festival was held at Mines Convention Center and we’ve got media passes!

The pre-event activity was an autograph session with some of the performing artistes and we managed to catch Lollipop F from Taiwan(if not mistaken) and Se7en from Korea!

When we arrived they were already done singing stuff lol.

The fans behind us.

Close up of Lollipop F

Then while waiting for Se7en to appear…

There he was!

Then he went down to take photos with his fans.. though not at a very close range. He looked like an asian Justin Bieber eh?

Yes.. look at my camera.. thats the way.




  1. ahlost

    Waaaaaaaah… all goodlooking guys in your blogpost *wipes saliva*

  2. Darren

    wahhhh K-pop

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