AVIRA: Double Value Double Speed! + TEASER #1

2 weeks ago I was invited to a launch event by AVIRA at G Tower.

They were launching the new “Double Value + Double Speed” bundle – where for a limited time only, you get to pickup their flagship Avira Premium Security Suite + FREE Tune Up Utilities for the price of 1!

First group shot we took that night.

Hello Chammaine 😀

Mr. Richard Yamamoto launched the products by activating the system using his palm. Congrats AVIRA!

The man posing with 2 models and the AVIRA Security Suite for the cameras.

We bloggers also nvr miss the chance to take foto with the 2 models! ehehhehehe

view from G Tower level 28 bridge was amazing.

Another shot of the.. erm… products. LOL

The AVIRA bundle costs RM 99 per user BUT I’d recommend the 5 user pack cos its A LOT cheaper. The 5 user pack usually costs RM 489 but is only RM 209! Once you get it, you will also get everything listed below:

For Avira Premium Security Suite

* AntiVir – their award winning AntiVirus
* AHeAD Technology – detecting viruses that are not yet known… fooiyoh
* AntiAd/Spyware
* AntiPhising – stupid website wants to con you of your personal data? Don’t scat…
* MailGuard – no more viruses in e-mails
* WebGuard – checks every download from the net for viruses
* BackupSystem – you know you need to do it but not to worry, Avira takes care of it!
* FireWall – no more worry about hackers
* GameMode – automatically set your computer for gaming so that you don’t have to worry about changing settings in firewall to go online gaming
* and more…

That’s just the Avira Premium Security suite, the FREE Tune Up Utilities is another one with heap loads of features… click here for more info.

Where to buy?
By the end of October 2010, you should see it popping in all major computer retail outlets & malls nationwide. You can also get it online now at AVIRA’s website.

Something amazing is happening on smashpOp.net very very soon.



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