Awesome Day At Urbanscapes 2012!

So as all the previous years, I attended the annual Urbanscapes event which took place on Saturday and Sunday (yesterday) at Padang Astaka, PJ.
3 words to sum up the whole event: MUD. MUD. MUD.

Here are some photos from Saturday. MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS WILL BE UP SOON!

The big Urbanscapes word welcoming everyone at the venue. Though it was raining in the morning.. the dark clouds ran away as the event started at 2PM. Phew!

So basically I was there cos I wanted to check out the PUMA bus which was parked there, with PUMA people playing games with attendees of Urbanscapes and offering free concerts and performances on the bus itself.

PUMA Friends! Simon, Bangsarbabe, Ivy and ME!

So Urbanscapes is basically a place for people to play music.. indie clothing brands to feature and sell their creations, concerts and more. At this area, we could see some people getting the attendees to join them to play musical instruments together. Quite a scene I must say.

I also managed to play these bubble thingymajig whereby we hold 2 sticks with strings tied on both ends and u know lah.. dip inside soap.. pull up .. wind blow.. bubbles flying everywhere lol

Some random girl drawing on big blackboards

Since Urbanscapes is such a happening event, the whole Malaysia was there.. so it’s also a place for people to bump into their friends like how I bump into Adrian here lol.


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  1. Kapten Buehbossa

    Hi Jason! Great cover of the Urbanscapes. It’s great that you enjoy the bubbles. Do check out my FB page for more about the bubbles! 😀

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