Ayamas Putrajaya

so only 2 person guessed it right.

it rained! and we ran ran ran ran ran to our cars!

drove to the nearby mosque.. waited for like 45 minutes… but it was still raining..

so we decided to call it day.. and went to Alamanda Putrajaya for dinner.

we went to Ayamas! ahha everyone was so hungry they could eat 1 whole chicken each.. but that would be too expensive. hmm

my ayam percik!!

The return of Emo Trio!(me, bryanchin, slinky) but it was also the last emo trio photo for now… since slinky went to australia.

Nick n chow left earlier than everyone else… why la so fast?

kelli the cute

cheryl the chun

enough of camhoring! eat and take group foto then go home ok everyone?


Presenting.. the Putrajaya Photoshoot Gang!(in this photo you can see Bryanchin, Cheryl, Albert, Caxton n his friend, Slinky, Kelli, Asyraf, Cherrie, Jen, Rames, Chowster, Nick and MEEEE!!)

thats all folks! Putrajaya no more… n we might go there again. lol


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