Back from Jed & Jacklyn’s Wedding

Today was a totally fully and superbly busy day… cos it was Jed and Jacklyn’s wedding day and I just came back from the wedding dinner.

As usual, here’s a summary of what happened today.

8 of us… the Heng Dais aka Brothers… for Jed’s side, arrived at his house at about 645am… to get ready and go pick up the bride.

Of course it was not easy to get into Jacklyn’s house without going though some tests which we had to help Jed to do in order to smoothen his way to get his wife…. challenges we had to go thru were shaving our leg hairs(as you can see me and Hikaru doing it in the photo)… eating banana topped with 10cm of Wasabi… and many more… ahhaa

Whatever it is, the JiMuis aka Sisters for Jacklyn’s side only let us in after receiving a big angpau from Jed… and as planned, the couple left the house and we all convoyed to Jed’s house again for tea ceremony.

We all drove and convoyed to and fro Jed and Jacklyn’s house and finally everything was completed at about 11am… that’s us… the brothers and sisters and the couple.

We then went for breakfast… and went home respectively… and met up again at about 7pm for the wedding dinner.

That’s us at the dinner… the rest of the gang were also busy taking photos elsewhere.. ahahha

I love this yum seng segment where we could scream our hearts out for a toast congratulating Jed and JAcklyn.

As this is a super summarised version of what happened today, I will blog about this again soon… probably next month( I hope) ahaha

Next up. Love & Farewell



  1. Darren

    eh not much obstacles by the ji muis haha, got video or not?

  2. ahlost

    Wahraoo.. Shave leg hair @.@

    Hahahahaha… Can’t wait for the full version of it 🙂

    Heartiest Congratulations to Jed and Jacklyn 🙂

  3. annna

    hahaha.. how much leg hair shaved? Congrats to Jed & Jacklyn!

  4. Ryan C

    i feel very geli when i touch my legs now.. -_____-

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