Back from Rebellz Launch

Hi all! I just came back from the launch of a new clothing line, Rebellz at Goddezz, Soho KL. Thanks Advertlets for the invitation.

Here’s the summary post. Will blog in detail in May. ahahahah

Some group shots of us there…

The guys!

The girls!

Of course… there were everyone else… ahahah will post more next time… but for now….

Catwalk time!

Super narrow aisle! ahahaha Luckily none of the models fell off the stage.

OK thats all folks. Bye



  1. George

    Fuwah! Super sexy model in the last pic. Hah!

  2. hitomi

    Oh gosh..the dresses are GORGEOUS

  3. EVo

    I noticed that everyone go crazy when the last model gets on stage..why ah? who’s she?

    Your pics dam nice bro..ur new flash also dam nice heh..

  4. breadpitt

    hey…nice blog…same goes to ur symbian blog too;-p the pic ware all so need and clear, gj!!! btw broke d after i get xpress 5800….;0 free cake r….haha cant promise u that!

  5. Josh Lim

    Hey Evo,

    The last model is Natalia Ng, from 🙂

    EVo Replies:

    She’s pretty. And hot. so when can i meet her 😀

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