Back from Secret Santa Dinner

HO HO HO! How was your Christmas day everyone? Hope u guys enjoyed yourselves and got some presents too.

I just came back from our yearly secret santa dinner with the siao gang at Michaelangelo, Pavilion.
We had 1 rule tho, everyone must either wear red or green and I chose red.

Me with my red tshirt… and Hik’s scarf. lol

Here’s a summarised post. Detailed one with more photos will be up in February.

We exchanged gifts. Everyone is everyone’s secret santa as we all didn’t know who was the one whom we are getting presents from.

Hiew was my secret santa. lol

I was Hikaru’s secret santa.

Here’s a group shot.

A photo of us, the Fab 4, as always.

Watch out for the detailed post next year! 😀

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  1. December 27, 2008

    Merry Christmas 🙂

    Wahh.. So nice geh.. Got secret santa some more 😀

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