Back from Sony Skinny-T Launch

All photos below were taken using the Carl Zeiss 16-35 f2.8 lens.

Hi all…. Singapore photos will continue tomorrow ok.

I just came back from Luna Bar, to take photos of the Sony Skinny-T Cybershot launch event.

As usual…. a few photos for now… the rest will be blogged again in… June. 😀

The new Skinny T comes in 5 colours… Black, Silver, Blue, Pink and Bronze…. and the key features are smile shutter, intelligent scene recognition and HD movie recording.

Here are some faces.

A lot of people from the media industry were invited to witness this event just now…

Got lengluis also!

That’s Chin(front), the Cybershot Skinny T ambassador artiste from Thailand. There was a fashion show before that and the models were the ones standing around Chin, holding the new Cybershots.

Chin also acted in a drama series featuring the Skinny T which will be aired on TV soon. These are his friends..

This is me and the beautiful and cheeky Daphne Iking. I was one of the official photographer for the event along with Ari… that’s why I was wearing the Cybershot tshirt. hehhehehe…

More photos and detailed posts in June!

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  1. March 6, 2009

    Awesome post hehe.dun b surprised to find a skinny t in ur mailbox one day and u gota be ambassador haha.

  2. March 6, 2009

    Pop…what is the DSLR model you using? Awesome pic man 😀

    jiok Replies:

    pls use ur peripherals before asking that question la. kthxbai

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