Back from Sony Skinny-T Launch

All photos below were taken using the Carl Zeiss 16-35 f2.8 lens.

Hi all…. Singapore photos will continue tomorrow ok.

I just came back from Luna Bar, to take photos of the Sony Skinny-T Cybershot launch event.

As usual…. a few photos for now… the rest will be blogged again in… June. 😀

The new Skinny T comes in 5 colours… Black, Silver, Blue, Pink and Bronze…. and the key features are smile shutter, intelligent scene recognition and HD movie recording.

Here are some faces.

A lot of people from the media industry were invited to witness this event just now…

Got lengluis also!

That’s Chin(front), the Cybershot Skinny T ambassador artiste from Thailand. There was a fashion show before that and the models were the ones standing around Chin, holding the new Cybershots.

Chin also acted in a drama series featuring the Skinny T which will be aired on TV soon. These are his friends..

This is me and the beautiful and cheeky Daphne Iking. I was one of the official photographer for the event along with Ari… that’s why I was wearing the Cybershot tshirt. hehhehehe…

More photos and detailed posts in June!

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  1. Cw

    Sharp wonderful lens!

  2. Darren

    wooo lengluis! next time should check out luna bar

  3. EVo

    Awesome post hehe.dun b surprised to find a skinny t in ur mailbox one day and u gota be ambassador haha.

  4. Ah Hong

    Pop…what is the DSLR model you using? Awesome pic man 😀

    jiok Replies:

    pls use ur peripherals before asking that question la. kthxbai

  5. Furkids in Hong Kong

    The bronze colour is quite interesting.

    Do you know if it shoots in 1080i or 720p?

  6. Jen

    oooo nice new camera. sony really loves you huh 😛

  7. jiok

    wah daphne iking! hot mama

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