Back From Team Building @ A’Famosa!

So my colleagues and I went to A’Famosa, Melaka for team building and chillingz last Friday and Saturday and here are some photos, all taken using my phone.

Brief summary of what we did during the 2 days there:

Everyone gathered at the office at 8am on Friday

The bus we were on, stopped at the Seremban R&R and while ‘resting & relaxing’, we took some photos together-gether yo!

We arrived around 1230 noon and we went straight to the resort/clubhouse for lunch!

At about 2PM, team building activities started. Spent 3 hours on the field jumping on mines, catching frogs and balancing water bottles on cloth…

We got ourselves 4 villas… about 8-12 people each. These were my villa-mates 😀

Dinnered at 7pm… then about 930pm we all went back to the main villa and did stuff we all have been waiting for.

Played games, and drank.. and played more games.. and drank even more til early in the morning. LOL

The next day we checked out at 11am and went to Melaka town for nyonya lunch!


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