Back from TeaParty

Today I went to a nearby kopitiam and reliased that they have revamped the food and drinks selection menu.

I signaled the food server and I told her that I wanna try the new Milo Lime Iced Blended. She gave me a disgusted look. Probably its a sign that tells me the milo lime sux.

So I asked her to recommend me a nice drink. I was shocked when she gave me her recommendation.

She said “Try our Ice Blended Popcrap!”

A POPCRAP post is made when I wanna waste time, space and energy to post crap on a Sunday.. or any other day… wow)


I went to the Blogger’s Tea Party just now presented by Advertlets. These were the ones who came early. We took more photos after that…. but I’ll show next time ok…

That’s our Tea Party Jump! lol Simon pointing at Karena, JoshLim and me jumping.


I recently got to play with some upcoming Nokia phones, such as the E71.

Click to SymbianpOp to read my reviews.


Can anyone guess what is happening soon? 😀


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