Back trom Taiwan, the land of bubble tea, sausages & night market

After nearly a week of eating Taiwan sausage, bubble tea and visiting scenic hilly spots, I am finally back!

Here are some places we visited, documented on Instagram.

A group shot of everyone in our bus! We had a total of 7 busses. Woah!

First night market we visited was Xi Men Ding. The biggest one in Taipei city.

Wulai is 1 hour away from Taipei. Hilly with local tenants selling taiwan sausages and other local delights. There’s a waterfall on the hill too! Just a tram away. One of the nicest spots we’ve been to in Taiwan.

Another night market we went to was at Dansui. Very similar to Xi Men Ding.

A guided tour is not complete without visit to memorial halls. This one is called CKS Memorial Hall.

Shopping time! This is Xing Yi district.. which is just 5 mins away from Taipei 101.

On a rainy day, we went to check out the gold mine is JiuFen!

OK for more photos and exciting stuff, check out my INSTAGRAM.


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